Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pineapple Express

I haven't seen a trend become so popular, so fast, both in fashion and interior design as the perfectly graphic, architectural, fun and whimsical pineapple. And I ain't mad 'bout it! In fact, I have jumped on the Pineapple Express and don't plan on getting off anytime soon. 
If you are privy to my elephant obsession, you know I tend to go a tad overboard when it comes to something that I really like. And that has proven to be true when it comes to pineapples.
Here's a few of my pineapple gems that I have acquired over the past few months. 

I found this brass pineapple ice bucket at a vintage store in Santa Barbara for $10! (they sell on Etsy for upwards of $100)

I spotted this brass and antique mirror pineapple on our 1 year anniversary trip to Cambria. We stopped at our favorite antique store and it was outside, completely covered in dust and spider webs. 

This brass pineapple bowl was a complete steal off Etsy for $15.00

And because my husband says that I have too many brass pineapples, I bought a ceramic one! I'm a genius. Home Goods hooked it up for $10.00.

And nothing haunts you quite like the things you didn't buy. How perfect is this pineapple pendant I found in a vintage store in Santa Barbara? I'm still kicking myself.

Here are few of my favorite ways you can incorporate the oh-so-delicious pineapple into your life:

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