Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Designer Crush: Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson. Where do I begin? She's one of those designers that when I look at her work, I literally feel like I'm looking at something I've never seen before. Something completely unexpected. Her work is the embodiment of a breath of fresh air and uniqueness in its purest form. And, equally as important, her rooms just make me feel really happy. Like deep down in my gut. Which I always think is key for an interior designer, you know, to have people feel something when they walk into the space you created. And I entirely agree with Emily when she wrote, "I believe a room is soulless without something that is vintage or antique." Lastly, her layering ability is the things dreams are made of. You'll see what I mean when you look through her portfolio. Her rooms are so full and have so much character. Ugh. Too. Good.

Emily, keep going on with your unique-fresh-layering-self girl. I'm picking up everything you put down. 

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(it's a MUST that you visit her blog, like ASAP)

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