Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My job lately... according to my iPhone

I feel like I'll never to be able to fully express how much I love my job. My phone desperately tries to capture all the beauty that I am surrounded by, but fails so, so hard. I have one of those archaic iPhone 4's (not to be mistaken for a 4S). I mean, how could I possibly expect anyone to even think back that far. 3 years ago is an eternity in Apple years. Anyways, I'll get a new phone when this one dies, which will probably be never because electronics have a funny way of doing that. They hang on with just enough functioning ability until the bitter end and are just useful enough so you feel bad upgrading. And then you get a new phone and either a., it gets run over by a train or b., Apple decides to come out with the iPhone 6 the next morning.
Woah, hi rambling. I'm done.
We went to the Pacific Design Center to prep for our clients that were coming into town from Dubai. A perfect excuse for us to get our eyeballs on anything cool/new/exciting. And these are the times when you know that you are an Interior Designer because you literally have a proverbial cow at every turn of every corner. 

I'm really into this chrome bar stool and wall mounted console table.

I want need this chandelier so bad.

I mean, lucite can do no wrong as far as I am concerned.
We went to see the FENDI Casa Penthouse on the 50th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A Live. Absolutely gorgeous.

One of our kitchen's in progress.

Holy Entry Dome. This thing is no joke.

Selecting custom frames for the vanity mirrors in all of the bathrooms of one of our projects.

An unexpected chevron pattern makes me smile.

Designing a pilaster for a theater room.

This chain chandelier will be mine one day.

Pretty sure I could die a happy woman if I owned any of these pieces.

One of my favorite showrooms on La Cienega.

Checking in on some custom pieces.

My inner chair freak is screaming right now.

I spotted this solid brass base for a coffee table amidst the chaos. How perfect is it? All it needs is an 2" thick lucite top. Done and done.

The only thing that could make my job any better is if this was right outside my office.
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