Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY Acrylic Drapery Rod + Ikea Hack Drapery

When we moved into our little love bungalow it came with drapery in the bedroom. Yikes. The pictures don't show you the horrible shiny quality of the polyester drapes with a slight tone on tone snakeskin pattern. Pretty horrific. The white painted wood rod only added to the horror. And the decision to hang to drapes is more than common and does absolutely nothing for the room. It was definitely time for a change. 
The things nightmares are made of.
I saw a post on A Storied Style where she used an acrylic drapery rod and even gave her source where she purchased it for an insanely reasonable price. I got my 8' cellcast acrylic rod for $35.00. If you saw my Lucite Love post you know that I have a serious thing for acrylic/lucite anything.
After I purchased the acrylic rod, I had to figure out what I wanted to use for the new drapery. I knew that I wanted to hang my drapery as high as possible in order to give the illusion of height to our teeny tiny bedroom. I also knew that I wanted something dark because the light is pretty intense in our bedroom first thing in the morning. And, just like most of my DIY projects, it needs to be reasonably priced.

Here is where the Ikea Hack part comes in. I found the Merete Drapery panels at Ikea in dark gray for $27.99. They come 98" long, which was perfect for my ceiling height. I wanted to give the plain drapery a little interest, so I purchased 4 yards of BJÖRNLOKA from Ikea for $7.99 a yard that I planned on sewing to the bottom 1/3 of the panels.

I cut the fabric in half lengthwise, and stitched it to the bottom of my dark gray panels. 

In order to attach the acrylic rod to the wall, I decide to use pipe fittings since they worked so well when we DIY-ed our living room bookshelf. Since the acrylic rod that I purchased was 8' long, we needed to use a "T" in the middle of the rod to help support it. The rod is 1" wide, so my fitting at 1-1/4" which allows for the rod to insert easily into each end and through the "T" support.

What do you think? I think hanging the drapery at the top of the wall makes such a big difference! I am really happy with they way they turned out.
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