Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a little lucite lovin'

Lucite is an acrylic resin (also known as plexiglas) whose strong and crystal clear qualities have been appealing to the interior design world since the first lucite furniture piece made it's debut at the World's Fair in 1939. Gilbert Rhode was onto something when he designed his Plexiglas and tubular steel chair and showed it at the fair and it seems that lucite has be able to adapt to it's environment since then. It really can work in any type of space. I guess that's why I am so infatuated with it. It doesn't matter if the space is traditional, contemporary, eclectic or transitional. Lucite can make it's home in any room and not look out of place. You go on with you adaptable self, Lucite. I dig you.

and here are some of my favorite pieces at the moment. 

7. Trunk

 photo siggy_zpsc1585a55.png

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