Monday, August 26, 2013

just call me brass jones

hey yo! so just in case you didn't notice, the blog got a little pretty dramatic update. i am obsessed. the girl behind the design is the insanely adorable and talented Rylee Blake Greening.
truth be told, "the gray bungalow" wasn't really my jam. i never really connected with the name and it just didn't feel like me. so, i decided to change it.
and brass jones is so me.
you can read about the reasoning in the about section.
not to worry though, everything about the blog is staying the same. it just has a new look and new name. and i'm pretty excited about it.
anyways, back to business. here's a little DIY for ya. 

another side of the road find. it's solid construction is what won me over.

getting my sanding game on. 

the hubs reverted to his 5 year old self and made this ninja mask to keep the dust out of my mouth. apparently, my little hawaiian boy used to fashion his tees around his head and run around with his machete cutting down banana leaves. and i get it. it made me feel pretty gangster.

after i sanded, i had to fill in the dings and holes with wood filler.

another pass with the sander was in order after the wood filler dried.

 i then measured the chair height in order to make the old console into a new outdoor dining bench.

i marked the legs and used a skill saw to cut them down.

next, i sprayed the bench with two coats of primer. and then two coats of white paint.

i then taped off the pattern of my heart's desire. i was going for a herringbone pattern, and i'm sure you can see that i was a little off. don't worry, i didn't realize my mistake until i "thought" that i was done. oh joy.

this was about the time that i realized i am an idiot and the two long strips of tape that run the length of the bench were completely unnecessary.

i had to re-tape the middle section in order to connect the pattern.

pealing off the tape is one of the most instantly gratifying experiences of my life.

p.s. here is the paint i used. 

we live by the beach, so we pretty much eat all of our meals outside at this table, so i am so excited for more seating!

 photo siggy_zpsc1585a55.png

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