Thursday, July 11, 2013

My job lately... according to my iPhone

My iPhone is on it's last leg, so these pictures don't do these projects justice, but I think it gets the point across. 

I am currently working with a couple who is building their first new home. We have been doing quite a bit of slab shopping at the stone yards. I am so excited to see this project come to fruition! Here are my two favorite marble slabs that we are using. Are they not the most gorgeous things you have ever seen? They make my heart skip lotsa beats.

Ugh. So in love.

We've also been selecting stone for their entry.

And accent stone for their master bath shower.

Once the stones were finalized, we were able to put their paint schedule together.

Here are the beginning stages for another client who is on contract for Phase 2 (fabrics and drapery).

I am also working on a master bath remodel. Below are some preliminary CAD drawings for her cabinetry.

And how amazing are these graphic grasscloth wallpapers?

My coworker and I visited a brand new showroom on La Cienega. They are the front runners for luxury hardware and bath accessories and their showroom did not disappoint.

I can never pass up a good marble herringbone floor. Or coral wallpaper.

This vignette was everything. Peacock blue lacquer paneling. Oversized octagon mirror. Console sink. Stop.

Accidental selfie. And the best wallpaper/mirror combo.

Just plain amazingness.

Below is a final walk through for a job we just completed. I didn't have much to do with this job, but I just thought it was too fantastic not to share. My coworkers are so talented.

A kitchen addition and remodel that I have been working on for the past 10 months is finally in it's final stages. We did a trial run for marble back splash options.

And I got to see them install the butler's pantry cabinetry that I designed before it was painted.

These words spoke to me this morning.

I hope you all are out there finding the courage to be daring and doing what makes you happy.  

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