Tuesday, June 4, 2013

weekend warrior

I can't take credit for this amazing find, I want to, but I just can't. A big shout-out goes to my Aunt Mary who found these sweet yellow chairs at a thrift shop the other weekend. She stopped by a thrift shop and sent my Mom a picture of some other chairs that she was planning on buying. My Mom spotted these chairs in the background of the photo and showed them to me. I instantly knew that me and these little yellow beauties could be besties for life. They are absolutely perfect for our outdoor dining table. They have a metal frame and are very sturdy/heavy. The cushions and back are vinyl and are in pretty decent condition. They are definitely usable for now and I might think about recovering them in the future. We'll see. And how awesome is it that I have a thrifting team? My Mom and my Aunt Mary are, no joke, the best people ever.

Speaking of my awesome family and thrifting teams, I recently (unknowingly) recruited the greatest Dad ever, a.k.a. my Dad to Team Casey. The building next to his office imports rugs and decor for Indonesia, and one day he saw them throwing away a bunch of rugs and decor items because they are closing down. (Side note: who does that? Please donate people, do not throw perfectly good things away!) He found these trays in the trash and said that he instantly thought of me because he knows how much I love rattan. Seriously? How cute is he. I think this is the best gift he has ever given me.

So I think this means that I am finally ready for summer and outdoor bar-b-ques! 


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