Wednesday, April 24, 2013

weekend warrior

sunday afternoon's antique shopping strike mission went a little something like this...

mi amigo and i perused a few shops with no luck. while walking back to the car we decided to stop in one last shop.  

and, there she was.

in all her fanning glory.

i mean. this little betty is just too good to be true. i'm super into wicker furniture right now. check out this other beauty i found at the 'will. but what makes Princess Diana special is her bodacious curves and small waist with a twisted base. 

i immediately went into that weird panic mode where i'm suddenly overcome with anxiety and start getting all sweaty as i walk through the store frantically looking for a salesperson so I can purchase this ridiculously gorgeous chair before someone else. while i'm throwing elbows and stomping around through the store, i left my bestie with the highest responsibility. ever. to guard the chair with her life and poke anyone in the eyeball who dares to even look in Princess Di's direction. 

$47.52 dollars later.

ya. didn't think about the whole "getting her home" part. 

that's not gonna work.

i remain in denial for 13 minutes and turn her in every direction possible trying to make her fit. 

meanwhile, an extremely creepy man with a fanny pack is standing on the sidewalk watching us struggle. we come to the conclusion that we should tie Princess Di to the top and he yells out that he has rope in his truck. ya, that's not disturbing at all. do you have a shovel and some rohypnol to go with that? 

but, we'll take it! (btw - will you take a pic of us?)

sweet success. just drive slow homie.

home sweet home. 

all i can see is chartreuse. more on that later.

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