Monday, April 22, 2013

sofa on the side of the road

A few weeks ago, I spotted this sofa sitting in a driveway a few houses down from our new place. I passed it a couple times while walking from our house to the beach and he it caught my eye every time.  Not just because it's red (sorry buddy, that's gotta go) but because of it's mid century shape and style. So after walking past it about 5 different times, I decided that he needed to be mine. So, I wrote a note saying, "I love your sofa. Are you willing to sell? If so, please call me." And decided to leave it under the neighbor's door mat. But for some reason I was super nervous to the leave the note under their door mat. I found myself tip-toeing as quietly as I could to their front door. I don't know why? Maybe I thought as I was mid-lifting up the door mat, a scary old man would open his front door in a fury and tell me to beat it and hit me over the head with his cane. I'm a crazy person and there is no logical reason for this (or a lot of other things I dream up in my imagination). But it did bring me back to my ding-dong-ditching days circa 1999 and I scurried away as quick as I could after I left the note.

The next morning while I was riding the train to work, I got a call. Our neighbor, who I hadn't met yet, was super sweet on the phone. She said that the sofa had belonged to her father and he bought it new back in the 60's. She had been trying to get rid of it but didn't know where to take it. She said she would be more than happy to give it to us. Hallelujah! Want to know what's better than finding a sofa you just absolutely love? Getting it for free. Yup. I don't have to say that twice! Free ninety nine. I called Cole immediately after I got off the phone with her. I think at first he was a little concerned because there was definitely a strong sense of urgency in my voice. I told him he had to stop whatever he was doing and go get the sofa before someone else! You know, because there are so many people driving around our neighborhood on a Monday morning looking for mid-century, old, red sofas and someone might snatch him up before us! I paid no attention to the fact that the sofa is 8 feet long and Cole is one person. But, my husband is awesome and texted me a picture of the sofa on our patio an hour after I got off the phone with him. A big shot out to my husband's Powell-Peralta (the skateboard) for making my dreams come true. I had a gut feeling that giving him that Christmas gift would benefit me one day.

He's pretty beat up, I mean, you would be too if you had been outside in the salty ocean air for days on end with no food, water or toilet. Not to worry, a little outdoor fabric is going to do this guy some serious good. And he's the perfect addition to our outdoor seating area. Stay tuned for his makeover.


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    1. Well, not entirely by myself. My Moms going to help me :) It's pretty challenging but she's good at it.

  2. It's a nice style and I can understand why you would want to change the color. I don't think a red sofa would be ideal in lots of living rooms. Many people try to go for a more neutral color, so that it is easier to match their other furnishings to it.

    I am glad that you will have expert help in reupholstering it. Plus, hopefully, your Mom won't charge so you will really have a new sofa for free. That's was cool of the previous owners.

    How did you husband get that huge sofa home on a skateboard?

    1. Hi!
      Yes, although red is a great color, I'm thinking something different and fun! I'm actually going to recover it with outdoor fabric so it will stay outside :) Trina Turk has some great prints that I'm thinking about using.

      Thank goodness my Mom isn't going to charge me, but I will have to purchase the fabric. But all in all, I think I'll have a really great looking sofa for not alot of money.

      Haha, I'm not sure! I think he propped it up on it's side and used the skateboard the wheel it home :) He's a miracle worker!