Thursday, March 14, 2013

hideous nightstands

some of you may remember these hideous nightstands that i posted about a few weeks ago. i hate(d) them. i mean, i don't really hate them but i'm not in love with them. which is a weird feeling for me, because if i am going to purchase a piece of furniture, i am usually in love with it. like, can't-live-without-it type of love. but, i was desperate for nightstands, and these were so cheap, that i thought i would give them a chance. here is how i helped them reach there current glory.


step 1: remove old hardware and sand

step 2: prime

step 3: tape the back side of the drawers in order to fill the holes, left by the old hardware, in with caulking. Once the caulking is dry, you will need to use a hand sander to make sure that holes are smooth and on the same plane as the rest of the drawer.

step 4: paint! we used Rustoleum's Multi-Purpose Gloss spray paint in Dark Gray. BIG TIP: make sure to pick this up at your local Home Depot or Lowes (i swear by it and it will make spray painting SO much easier!)

and now for the finished product...

(note: I took this photos in our place at night, so the gray color looks a little funky, and the horrible yellow walls don't help. But don't worry, we'll be painting the walls soon enough)

I'm just so in love with this little "love cactus" that our friends got us as a housewarming present


  1. Neat! Did you use the orbital sander for the whole thing or did you have to sand it by hand in some places? What grit did you use?

    That spray looks awesome! Do you have to use a topcoat?

    Haha sorry for all the questions, I have a dresser that was my grandma's that I want to refinish. :)

    1. Hey Brooke! Thanks! I had to sand the face of the nightstand by hand because the pieces were a little hard to reach with the orbital sander. I used a 120 grit.

      I actually did not use a top coat, but I ended up putting 3 coats of the gray spray paint becuase coats 1 and 2 just weren't cutting it.

      Awesome! Feel free to email me if you have any other questions!