Wednesday, March 20, 2013

for the smeg of it

SMEG is an Italian appliance manufacturer that couples the lastest technology in refrigeration with a funky fresh 1950's retro design. Their appliances are world renowned and will add just a dash of coolness to your kitchen, and we all need that. i'm not kidding you when i say that i have dreamt about owning a SMEG refrigerator.  i had a dream a while back that i had a chartreuese smeg in my kitchen and i loved it so much that i would sleep in it. and then there was something about spilling tar and feathers on it, but that's neither here nor there. my dreams tend to make absolutely no sense so lets not read into it too much. anyways, i plan on owning a smeg one day. but, for the time being, i will continue to dream about them. 

smeg perfection

seriously? i die over you.

side by side smegs. are you kidding me?

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